Saturday, July 15, 2017
Brown’s Bay Provincial Park, Thousand Islands, Canada

Tickets Information:
T. 613-327-3406

Rain or shine.. It’s going down!

July 15, 2017, all roads lead to

Brown’s Bay Provincial Park, 

Thousand Islands, Canada

Featuring Live and Direct from SVG:

 Rondy "Luta" Mc Intosh,


Giving you the best .. his most recent Pot Hole! 
and the Vincentian Panist who makes steel pan talk

The one and only Rodney Vincy Freshie Small

Brown's Bay we ready -- Watch We in A Pot Hole!!

Enjoy a Taste of Luta’s Pot Hole

*** WARNING ***
Be prepared to put on repeat!!

Meet a Vincentian Panist who makes Steel Pan talk
Rodney Vincy Freshie Small

Pure magic!

Here's a flash back --- you don't want to miss out on 2017 -- Bigger and Bold!!